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We are a fun and loving family with 4 children all together, 3 mine and 1 his, but all ours; along with 7 grandchildren with one on the way and 3 fur-babies.  We have walked down many roads of life together that has made us stronger and endured many intensified life trials that has made us who we are today. Michael and I both enjoy killing bugs, writing poetry, entertaining friends, we love all kinds of music , love the chaos of raising our children and we love our father in Heaven. Michael has been a technician for 29 years with the knowledge of a collage teacher.  Michael has been the #1 technician in three different states because he has a passion for his work, it’s not just a job. I call him my pest control genus, if he can not figure it out no one can!  But I do not have to sell my husband, believe it or not he does a great job all by him self, his work speaks for him!  A little about me,  well Michael, our friends, and our kids friends call me little Paul Dean, my kitchen is my church, my heaven on earth. I love to cook and make cakes. I enjoy working outside in my flower garden and singing. But most of all spending time with my husband and children. I am a 15 year cancer survivor and now trying to survive a rare disease called Idiopathic Fibrosing Mediastinitis ( IFM) since 2009, I am a rare disease warrior! There are 56 people with IFM in the U.S. I am number 16th on the data base. Michael and I are applicants for IFM.   I get the opportunity to celebrate 15 amazing years with Michael in March 16.  We are best friend with the most wonderful relationship any two people could ask for. On 3.16.2016 on our 10th year, Michael and I redone our wedding vows to celebrate life and our unconditionally love for each other. We are committed to our children, our family and our customers but most of all Our Father Jesus Christ.  Our job isn't a job, it's a dream and a passion! 



Our Children are a Gift from God!

Our Grand Babies

Baby Zoey due in Aug! 

Princess ZoZo 

Carrera Davis  March 27th 2018

Princess Carrera 

Pest, Termite, Rodent, Fire ant,Wasp,Hornets, Spiders, Ants, Roaches, Earwigs, Millipedes, Scorpions, Carpenter Bees, (WDO Reports) CL100 Letters, Foundation Vents, Vapor Barriers